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Dayton Restorative Dentistry

Repair Damaged Smiles

Woman with a gorgeous smileWhile the Today's Dental team will do everything in our power to help patients maintain excellent oral health over the years, we understand that sometimes, problems just slip through the cracks. When you’re experiencing a tooth that’s decayed or injured, Dr. Michael Allport can provide quality restorative care that replenishes natural strength and function. As a trained prosthodontist, he excels at replacing missing teeth with long-lasting solutions. Don’t wait to reach out for help – contact our Dayton, TN practice today to schedule your first appointment!

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Model of smile with fixed bridge restoration

Dental crowns are one of the tried-and-true cornerstones of restorative care. They’re designed to fully cover the visible surface of an individual tooth, preserving the natural structure while rebuilding its strength, appearance, and ability to function properly within the smile. There are a wide variety of scenarios where Dr. Allport is likely to recommend the placement of a new dental crown as the most successful option available to struggling patients, including the following:

Dental crowns are also an important component of bridges, which can replace one or more consecutive missing teeth in a row within a single arch. Many patients who’ve found themselves dissatisfied with the removable nature of traditional dentures in the past may prefer this option, as the crowns are used to anchor the new bridge securely in place by fitting over adjacent natural teeth.

Implant-retained bridges are a viable alternative as well because they don’t require the alteration of healthy teeth. We offer high-quality, tooth-colored materials for dental crowns and bridges so patients can maintain their naturally beautiful smiles even after suffering restorative setbacks.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Closeup of smile during dental examination

Cavities are one of the most common dental problems patients of all ages face – in fact, an overwhelming percentage of people (nearly 92%!) will experience one at some point or another. If your number is up, let our Dayton team handle the problem simply and effectively with a tooth-colored filling. Tooth-colored fillings are highly superior to the traditional amalgam counterpart —, especially in appearance.

Like the name suggests, tooth-colored fillings are crafted from composite resin that comes in a number of lifelike shades, allowing Dr. Allport to select the one that’s the most precise match for your natural smile. After we’ve treated the cavity, most patients can’t even tell where it once was. Additional benefits include:

Root Canal Therapy

X-rays of root canal treated teeth

When tooth decay has become so severe that it penetrates the inner layers, patients can be left with severe pain and the realization that extraction might be the only option they have left. Thankfully, root canal therapy can often rescue teeth, successfully treat disease and infection to help restore full form and function to flawed teeth. Plus, today’s advancements and new comfort techniques in the dental field have helped make the procedure for root canals simpler and smoother than ever before.

At Today’s Dental, we’ll begin by carefully accessing the inner chamber of the tooth and removing the infected pulp from within, cleaning as we go. After this step is complete, Dr. Allport will seal the tooth in order to prevent further infection and place a customized dental crown on top to reinvigorate it. An overwhelming number of root canal therapy cases provide patients with long-term success, and we hope you’ll choose to pursue this treatment if you’re facing the same situation.

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Teeth Extractions

Metal forceps holding an extracted tooth

Here in Dayton, our dental team makes every effort to protect our patients from the threat of tooth extraction. Unfortunately, the need can still arise in certain circumstances, including the following:

If we determine that extraction is necessary for the sake of your oral health and well-being, you can rest assured that Dr. Allport and the rest of our staff will make the experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. Nitrous oxide sedation is complimentary, and we’ll also start working with you right away to determine the ideal tooth replacement solution if needed.

Full & Partial Dentures

Hands holding a full denture

Dentures have been around for hundreds of years, and they’re still a good choice for patients who’ve suffered extensive tooth loss and are in need of a convenient and cost-effective replacement. Dr. Allport’s specialty prosthodontic skills allow him to design the ideal appliance for your unique smile, whether you’re searching for a traditional partial, a complete denture, or an implant-retained prosthetic.

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